In these turbulent times, the sinister machinations of the organization “HINDUS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS” (HfHR) have plunged the “Hindu” community into a maelstrom of anguish, deprivation, and unrelenting fear. What masqueraded as a bastion of representation for the “Hindu” community has unveiled itself as nothing short of a cesspool of venomous hatred, deliberate misinformation, and the vilest forms of bigotry.

It demands to begin with an introduction to HfHR, an organization, launched by known Hindu hatemongers like Sunita Vishwanath, Raju Rajagopal, and Arvind Acharya. The Advisory Board reveals the true nature of this vicious group of malignant characters. T. M. Krishna misuses Hindu classical devotional music to promote his quirky communist agenda, forgetting that he is one of the most privileged sons and continues to live a privileged life. Teesta Setalvad who has been repeatedly censured by courts for the non-stop lies she has peddled about Islamophobia in India. Swara Bhasker is a Bollywood actress who married a Muslim and wants to represent Hindus. The advisory board seems to have more Muslims and Christians in an organization that claims to speak about and for Hindus, it indicates their confidence that most Hindus will not check who is behind the deceptive organization. Now that you have an idea about the malicious characters, read on. 

Identity Theft:

HINDUS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS’s actions represent a calculated assault on the very essence of the “Hindu Community,” akin to a heinous act of identity theft. By usurping the identity of Hindus and propagating insidious stereotypes, HfHR inflicts profound wounds upon the collective psyche of the community. They not only strip Hindus of their true identity but also subject Hindus to unjust scrutiny, discrimination, and unspeakable vilification.

Emotional Catastrophe:

The toll exacted upon the “Hindu” community by the malevolent agenda of the organization called HfHR is immeasurable. Every waking moment is tainted by the venomous rhetoric and dehumanizing caricatures peddled by HfHR, corroding the bonds of belonging and dignity that Hindus hold dear. The relentless onslaught of negativity shatters the mental fortitude of Hindu individuals, plunging them into an abyss of isolation, despair, and unyielding terror for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. These emotional terror merchants leave no stone unturned to create revulsion against Hindu beliefs, faiths, deities, festivals, and values.

Economic Devastation:

But the suffering inflicted by HfHR transcends the realm of emotions, seeping into the very fabric of Hindus’  economic existence. Businesses owned and operated by Hindus are mercilessly targeted, and subjected to boycotts, harassment, and outright discrimination. The livelihoods of countless individuals and families hang in the balance, as HfHR’s venomous propaganda strangles economic growth and prosperity within the community, sending shockwaves across the Hindu society at large.

Employment Apocalypse:

The employment landscape for Hindus is a barren wasteland, ravaged by HfHR’s relentless campaign of falsehoods and fear-mongering. Employers, poisoned by the toxic stereotypes peddled by HfHR, turn a blind eye to the talents and qualifications of Hindu individuals, condemning them to the purgatory of economic exclusion and perpetual stagnation and marginalization.

Distrust and Darkness:

HfHR’s malicious rhetoric spawns a culture of suspicion and ignorance among the non-Hindus, erecting barriers that further isolate Hindus from the broader community. Job applications and business ventures originating from Hindus are met with scorn and prejudice, as the poison of HfHR’s propaganda distorts perceptions and sabotages meaningful interactions. This insidious cycle of distrust deepens social fault lines and sabotages efforts to foster unity and inclusivity.

Educational Inferno:

Even the sanctity of educational institutions is not spared from HfHR’s venomous influence. Students from “Hindu Community” endure a daily crucible of emotional torment and bullying, as HfHR’s toxic rhetoric infiltrates the very corridors of learning. Taunts, slurs, and discriminatory behavior shatter their sense of self-worth, sabotaging academic achievement and plunging them into a nightmare of alienation and despair.

Exposing the Malice:

The true nature of organization HfHR’s agenda stands revealed in all its malevolent glory upon closer inspection. Their purported mission of representation and advocacy crumbles under the weight of scrutiny, exposing a sinister plot to sow discord and division within society. HfHR’s insidious manipulation of facts and emotions seeks to poison public opinion and foment animosity towards the Hindu community for their own vile ends.

For example, they conducted an Anti-Hindu session named “Holi Against Hindutva”.

  • They maligned the sacred and colorful festival of Holi, a festival to welcome Spring.

  • How can a Hindu festival be against Hindutva? Analogically, it can be compared to “Eid Against Islam” or “Christmas Against Christians”. 

  • The program was held jointly by the ‘Asian American Alliance (AAA)’ and ‘Muslim Students Association (MSA)’ at the Hallock Auditorium of the private liberal arts college. What are the Muslim students doing at a Hindu festival when their religion requires its adherents to wreak violence against those who follow other religions? No marks for guessing. The insidious attempt is to malign Hindus and Hinduism. 

 Formation of HfHR:

According to the popular OSINT handle ‘Disinfo Lab’, HfHR was formed in the year 2019 by the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) and the Organization for Minorities of India (OFMI).

Interestingly, the three organizations had formed another outfit called the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA). As per an article in The Hindu, the Alliance for Justice and Accountability had been at the forefront of leading demonstrations against the visit of PM Modi to Houston on September 22, 2019.

Co-Founder Rajagopal is based in Berkeley, USA, and has been associated with several organizations including Coalition Against Communalism (CAC) and EKTA which were partners of a larger umbrella group Coalition Against Genocide (CAG). CAG was co-founded by IAMC mastermind, Shaik Ubaid and Professor Angana Chatterji (also a close aide of convicted ISI mole Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai).

Besides, he was also a speaker at the 2003 IAMC event and is listed as the president of CAC in the press release. The press release has now been removed from IAMC’s official website. 

Their website is full of fake narratives against India and Hindus. It  supports  the court convicted criminals and their families. The articles, thoughts, and intent if put together and analyzed comprehensively, one can understand and paint the full picture.


Spider Web of HfHR:

Supporting the Struggle:

The evidence of “HINDUS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS”‘s nefarious intentions is abundant and damning. From venomous speeches to incendiary social media diatribes, their campaign of hatred and discrimination is laid bare for all to see. Testimonials from beleaguered members of the Hindu community serve as poignant reminders of the harrowing ordeal they endure at the hands of “HINDUS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS”‘s malevolent machinations.

In conclusion, the time has come for us to confront the festering evil that is the organization  “HINDUS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS” and to stand resolute in defense of the Hindu Community. We cannot stand idly by as they continue to poison hearts and minds, spreading hatred, perpetuating stereotypes, and plunging Hindus into the abyss of suffering. Let us expose their dark agenda, rally support for those who suffer, and strive to build a society founded on the principles of inclusivity, compassion, and justice for all.

Humble Appeal:

As we reflect on the plight of Hindus and the insidious agenda of HINDUS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, it becomes abundantly clear that our collective action is needed now more than ever. It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to educate ourselves about the issues at hand, to arm ourselves with knowledge, and to use our voices to advocate for the rights and dignity of all.

Let us stand in solidarity with our Hindu brothers and sisters, amplifying their voices and exposing the malicious intentions of HINDUS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. Together, we can create a groundswell of awareness and resistance, safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all marginalized communities.

Let us remain vigilant against their deceptive tactics, refusing to be swayed by their venomous rhetoric and instead choosing empathy, understanding, and unity. Only by standing together can we hope to vanquish the forces of hatred and division, forging a path toward a brighter, more equitable future for all.


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