Interested to write about topics relevant for Hindu Americans ?
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All submissions should follow these editorial guidelines:
  1. Write relevant: We appreciate writings on topics about awareness, perspectives, and issues relevant to Hindu Americans. We encourage articles that give voice to the legitimate causes of Hindu communities, including growing concerns of Hinduphobia, Hinduhate, and lack of Hindu Human Rights.
  2. Be an original thinker:  It takes a lot of effort to think and write. So, please do not copy someone else’s work. If we find any contribution or a part of a contribution is copied, we shall avoid publishing any content from the contributor. 
  3. Curate responsibly: If you’re reporting on existing news, cite your sources and offer your analysis or insights. Don’t just copy-paste. Validate your sources and cite only authentic sources. 
  4.  Not too short, not too long: Aim for 300-1500 words. If you have so much to say that it exceeds 1500 words, try to divide the information into 2 or 3 parts that can be published in a serial.  Remember readers like smaller pieces more and can have limited attention. So, you will be better off writing short articles. 
  5. Be timely: We prefer articles about current events that people are talking about. A week late may be too late. 
  6. Be respectful: Attack ideas, not people. Don’t bring up someone’s personal life unless it’s directly relevant to your point. Do not disclose personal information that was not disclosed by the person voluntarily. 
  7. Fact-check your opinions: Double-check your data before making claims in your opinion pieces. You’re responsible for what you say.
  8. Push boundaries (carefully): We welcome discussions on sensitive topics, but our editorial team has the final say on the tone and approach. Feel free to challenge the status quo, but remember the law and our guidelines.
  9. Keep it clean: No hate speech, insults, or defamation, even if you’re passionate.
  10. Lace it with humor, if the topic permits it: Humor lightens the topic and makes it more acceptable. A full-length satire is also acceptable. 
  11. Allow editorial enhancements: Please note that the editorial team reserves the right to make minor edits to the articles including the title and the featured image.

The submitted articles will be reviewed, moderated, and published by our editorial team if they meet the criteria mentioned above. For additional details, please read the FAQs.

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