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An Organization Posing as Hindu but Harboring Anti-Hindu Acts: Hindus for Human Rights

In these turbulent times, the sinister machinations of the organization “HINDUS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS” (HfHR) have plunged the “Hindu” community into a maelstrom of anguish, deprivation, and unrelenting fear. What masqueraded as a bastion of representation for the “Hindu” community has unveiled itself as nothing short of a cesspool of venomous hatred, deliberate misinformation, and the vilest forms of bigotry.

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Earth Month: Embracing Unity for Our Global Home

Earth Month is a time when our collective consciousness turns toward our planet—the magnificent blue-green orb that cradles all life. It’s a period of reflection, action, and unity, where we recognize that our well-being is intricately tied to the health of our environment. As we explore this theme, let’s draw inspiration from ancient Hindu wisdom and cultural concepts. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

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The Multifaith Hindu ACTion Congressional Briefing on the Rising Hinduphobia Held at Capitol Hill, Washington DC

A report by Professor Geeta Sikand, a Community Activist and Director of Communication at Americans for Hindus, a bipartisan Independent Political Action Committee. An ongoing barrage of venomous hate-filled anti-Hindu narratives has led to the epitome of Hinduphobia, hate-mongering, and bigotry in North America. Of note, the Hinduphobia phenomenon is also known by its many cognate terms like Hindumisia, Hindutvaphobia,

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Will the LA Times Stop Propagating Hinduphobia and Start Meaningful Engagement with the Hindu American Community?

Professor Geeta summarized the Hinduphobic publications and responses from the Los Angeles Times (LA Times) and suggested a comprehensive action plan for the media to remedy the situation in the future. Hinduphobia is rife in the United States,  FBI Reports highlight that anti-Hindu hate crimes doubled in a year. Professor Geeta has been continuously responding to the hateful reports by

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